Future-Proofing Careers

with John Fitzgerald and Anne Fulton

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Future-proof your organization and workforce with Author and Founder of Harmonics, John Fitzgerald and Talent Futurist, Anne Fulton.

Are you ready to step into the future of careers? This webinar will highlight the latest research from Harmonics’ Future Workforce Readiness: Research Study 2019. This study set out to discover how “future ready” the workforce really is by examining the five characteristics critical to future career readiness. Join us to:

  • Learn how to plan for systemic change that will transform organisation culture & capability
  • Discover how organisations upskill and build greater capability and employability
  • Gain rich insights from a global perspective on Leadership, Organisation Change and Future Workforce Readiness
Future Career Readiness is the critical indicator that illustrates the gap between your current and future workforce readiness to change. Yet it is the one thing that never gets measured.
John FitzgeraldAuthor, Speaker & Founder Harmonics
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