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FuelX Awards 2021

Free Entry | Have an employee experience story worth telling? Have you designed a great people initiative that impacted your organization? Enter the 2021 FuelX Awards and win.


Capability Trends Report April 2021

FuelX Edition Report | In this latest Fuel50 Capability Trends Report™ released Q2 2021, we analyse the impact of climate change on workplace skills and capabilities.


Guide to Internal Talent Mobility

E-Book | This one-stop Talent Mobility Guide by Fuel50 will help you get the best from your workforce by engaging staff and retaining talent, without costly and time-consuming external recruitment!

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FuelX Virtual 2021

Thriving Anywhere with NetApp

NetApp’s VP Global Talent, Larry McAlister, shows us their internal marketplace strategy and how they built talent mobility for their organization.

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The Career Engagement Game

Written by Anne Fulton & Jo Mills

The Career Engagement Game: Shaping Careers for an Agile Workforce, written by Fuel50’s Anne Fulton and Jo Mills, will help you create a transformational engagement shift in your organization.

Increasing employee engagement through motivational career pathways is a critical foundation for effective talent actualization and management, and a vital strategy for achieving significant business return. Aligning the goals, values and talents of every employee helps deliver significant business productivity, performance, retention and engagement benefits.

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