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Get to know Fuel50 and meet our team

Welcome to Fuel50, where our growing team of Fuellies are busy taking the world by storm through powerful technology development, incomparable customer service, insanely smart research, and so much more. Who are we? We’re a lean, incredibly talented, global company full of super skilled people, spanning across 6+ countries.

Here at Fuel50, we’re boastfully proud of our really strong Fuellie culture where everyone is always on the same page, has the same ambitions, loves to work hard towards their goals, and enjoys the regular celebrations of our achievements.

Yes, we’re a young company at heart but we’ve also been able to attract top talent across the entire business and the board which has contributed greatly to Fuel50 being the fastest-growing HR technology vendor in the world.

We believe in truly practising what we preach. Our vision and values are transparent and built on 90-day sprints which drives our growth, encourages goal-setting, and celebrates milestones every step of the way. Fuel50 is a company not afraid to roll their sleeves up and work hard, with the same vision being consistent since day one — to make sure every employee, no matter where they are in the world, loves their job. This is a core value of ours, one we believe is a basic human right.


Anne Fulton
Chief Executive Officer

Jo Mills
President Product & Client Strategy

Executive Team

Peter Waring
Chief Technology Officer

Josh Bradbury
Chief Sales Officer

Asher Trotter
Chief Marketing Officer


Heidi Kreuchen
Head of Global Sales

Amber Horsman
Global Implementation Director

Shelley Simonian
VP Global Customer Success

Ann Ratcliff
VP Client Success (North America)

Anthony Luciano Jr
VP Business Development

Valerie Castellano
Mid-Market Sales Director

Marija Potter
Global Client Success Strategist

Carika Norval
Talent Architect

Amanda MacCallum
Global Client Analytics Champion

Jessica Towicz
VP of Sales for UK & Ireland

Mark Rowe
VP Business Development (West)

Steve Kost
VP Sales (North)

Jim Myers
VP Sales (East)

Tom Gross
Sales Manager

Kayte Mares
Customer Insights Associate

Dean Patterson
Client Advisor

Nikki Horne
Client Success Manager

Mel Saunders
Client Solutions Manager

Paganne Smith
Community & Content Marketer

Emily Morris
Creative Marketer

Courtney Myers
Illustrative Marketer

Kathryn Potter
Administration & Finance Manager

Kate Brozda
Onboarding & Client Services Consultant

Julian Simpson
Global Security & Platforms Manager

Ilya Kotov
Senior Software Engineer

Pavel Pozdniak

Natalie Francis
Regional VP of Sales (Asia Pacific)

Philip Harris

Stephanie Neveu
Onboarding Consultant

Lynn Liew
Configuration & Helpdesk Consultant

Mark Minik
Regional VP of Sales (Central)

Steven Todd
Regional VP of Sales (TOLA)

Hasina Nathani
Configuration & Helpdesk Consultant

Sonal Behal
Competency Framework Specialist

Irina Kotova
Configuration & Administration Consultant

Maggie Yang
Helpdesk & Configuration Consultant

Jerelynn Jasson
Talent Architect

Havisha Rampersad
Talent Architect

Kamila Paciukanis
Onboarding Consultant

Board Members

Andrew ‘Flip’ Filipowski
Board Chair
Silkroad Tech
Platinum Technologies

Brian Platz
Board Director
Silkroad Tech
HR Tech Pioneer

Pete Weaver
Board Director
Aider and Sonar6
Strategy Expert

Janine Manning
Board Director
Crimson Consulting
ICE Angels

Jim Andelman
Board Director
Bonfire Ventures

PeakSpan Capital
Series B Investors
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