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Our clients, many of the Fortune 500, are creating best-in-class talent experiences.

Our global clients, many of the Fortune 500, are achieving best-in-class career experiences for their people using Fuel50’s game-changing platform. Discover some of our featured stories from organizations that have truly mastered the employee experience using Fuel50.

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Championing the employee experience

LoyaltyOne determined that the solution would need to provide associates with a one-stop shop for anything career development related. It was to be a place that provides associates with a clear view as to where they could take their career at LoyaltyOne (both lateral and upwards) while also enabling leaders to identify talent within the organization to join project teams or fill critical roles.

“Chatting with colleagues and my manager helped me understand new roles outside of my department. That’s when a light bulb came on and I identified my transferable skills and the talents skills I wanted to gain.”
—LoyaltyOne Employee

Career Navigator Program

Join Josh Bersin and Dani Johnson of Bersin by Deloitte as they interview Mike Martin of Ingersoll Rand and discuss Ingersoll Rand’s career development strategy, their career progress model, how they execute, and what results they’ve seen so far.

Engaging Managers Program

DS Smith’s employee surveys confirmed something that they had suspected – that after a large number of acquisitions, the way employees understood DS Smith values varied significantly. Thus, DS Smith created a new initiative called Engaging Managers, which provided a platform for all managers at all levels to inspire those around them, develop skills to increase employee engagement, and become true roles models for their corporate values to achieve strategic goals.

Values & Purpose Alignment

With over 800 people based at sites globally, at the heart of Plant & Food Research is a goal to underpin the growth of plant and marine-based industry through the successful application and commercialisation of research-based innovation.

Growth Culture Transformation

Z believe that personal and career development is for everyone in the organisation and like to think that the work environment is more closely experienced as a personal growth experience rather than just “work”. They care deeply for their people while pushing them to achieve their best as individuals and collectively as an organisation.