Fuel50 Feature Focus

FuelGigs™ gives employees access to a fully-integrated talent marketplace that powers and promotes career growth through projects and stretch assignments

Another powerful contributor to an employees’ self-driven career development, FuelGigs™ creates a true culture of 360° learning, career growth, development and experience. By giving your people opportunities to expand their skillsets through stretch assignments, you give them the keys to driving their own career progression within your organization whilst also creating a freelance culture and internal gig economy where roles become more robust and agile.

What FuelGigs™ includes

  • Leaders create, manage and organize their gigs (stretch assignments) from their own dashboard
  • Gigs can be posted and promoted within the platform based on what talents leaders are looking for
  • Employees can search for gigs and filter by location, business area, talents or keywords
  • Employees can then apply to be considered for a gig by submitting a custom questionnaire which is received and reviewed by gig owners
  • Gigs are suggested to employees based on their skills and talents they wish to develop

How FuelGigs™ helps

  • Create a culture of on-the-job learning where employees can take ownership of their development
  • Challenge traditional talent-hoarding behaviours and instead encourage a talent-banking approach
  • Build cross-functional business relationships and knowledge
  • Let intra-business learning become part of your employer brand