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Power workforce transparency and level-up your talent experience with Career Journeys

Designed by the category-creators, Fuel50’s Career Journeys goes beyond career pathing. Fuel50’s specialized AI smart-matches you to new career opportunities based on your career DNA. Design your career growth journey, see real-time skills gaps, and take actionable next steps through your Opportunity Marketplace.

Go beyond career pathing with Career Journeys, Skills Gap Analysis, and real-time career development actions.

What Fuel50 Pathing includes

  • Give your people a direct line of sight to internal career moves within your organization.
  • Fuel50’s AI suggests potential role moves based on their unique career DNA — their passions, talents, skills, goals, aspirations, values, agility, fit.
  • Surface vertical and lateral moves, bookmark potential roles, and build your personalized career growth journey.
  • See what skills you need to add or improve before stepping into a new role.
  • Close those skills gaps in real-time through your opportunity marketplace — match with learning, gigs, mentors, vacancies, projects, and more.

Build Career Journeys

Get hyper-personalized role suggestions based on your unique career DNA. Suggestions evolve the more Fuel50 gets to know you.

Skills Gap Analysis

See exactly what skills and talents you need to progress your career. Set goals and take immediate action through your marketplace.

Workforce Transparency

Support workforce transparency and talent agility by enabling internal career moves and visibility to new opportunities. Proven to increase employee engagement, talent retention and internal talent mobility.

How to get Fuel50’s Pathing

This feature comes with these Fuel50 packages

* Fuel50 is a tailored experience. All features are completely synergistic and can be turned on/off to suit your needs.

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