Fuel50 Feature Focus

FuelPathing™ gives your people a clear line of sight to opportunities in the business, both lateral and vertical, and shows them powerful gap analysis to kick-start their career growth journey

A core part of Fuel50’s game-changing talent experience platform, FuelPathing™ kick-starts an employee’s career growth journey. Our matchmaking process is handled by next-gen AI, which adapts and evolves with each individual. Roles are shown based on the user’s inputs — their values, motivators, aspirations, skills and talents, all of which contribute to their development experience within Fuel50.

Can your people see any opportunities for career growth within your organization?

Give them a reason to stay and a way to further their careers with you

Once your employees complete the gamified FuelFactor™ exercises, they are then matched to roles within the business that fit their current skills, competencies, work style, and what they’re interested in developing, as well as their qualifications, values and key motivators. These opportunities change and evolve as your people grow and develop — create a truly synergistic, adaptive environment of career growth for your people!

  • Show your employees stretch and lateral role suggestions based on sophisticated matchmaking algorithms
  • Employees can explore roles, bookmark them, and use this a starting point for their career development
  • The more an employee interacts with Fuel50’s gamified exercises, the more accurate their role-matching will be

Find new and exciting opportunities in the business.

Explore aspirational roles and connect with people currently in those roles.

See what skills you have and what you need to work on for your aspirational roles.

Powerful AI ensures you’re always seeing the best roles for you as you evolve.

Do your employees know what they need to work on before stepping into a new role?

Equip and provide your people with what they need to progress their careers

We take career pathing to the next level with powerful gap analysis. Explore and save your matched aspirational roles, and then see exactly what skills you currently have and what you may need to work on before stepping into that role. From there, you can use Fuel50 to set goals, find a mentor, track your progress with feedback, and jump into gigs so you can learn on the job from those already in similar roles!

  • See what skills and talents you need to improve before stepping into a new role
  • Begin your growth journey by finding profiles related to your aspirational role
  • Easily bookmark roles and connect with those who possess the skills you’d like to develop

What FuelPathing™ includes

  • Give your people a powerful career framework in an easy-to-digest, low-touch, and highly-accessible way
  • Employees can explore profiles and filter potential connections by key areas
  • Show best-fit aspirational roles based on user-driven data
  • Powerful AI generates real-time roles and gap analysis based on your growth

How FuelPathing™ helps

  • Retain and engage your people by exposing them to tangible opportunities for career growth
  • Give your people the insights they need to grow and truly take charge of their careers
  • Create a connected community of support and growth that resonates throughout the entire organization