Feature Focus

LeaderView™ enables your leaders to have powerful career growth conversations, and manage talent and performance in a whole new way.

Fuel50’s LeaderView™ is a powerful dashboard for leaders, managers and coaches. The intuitive dashboard interface gives leaders powerful insights on all of their people, and essentially provides them with a beautiful foundation on which to start engaging with their talent.

Equip your leaders and turn them into world-class coaches

Enabling and equipping your leaders has never been so simple

After your people interact with their tools and exercises, leaders can jump in and see powerful insights on their teams in real-time. From a clean and simple dashboard, leaders can see their people at glance as well as their top engagers, profile summaries, risk factors, and coaching appointments. At any point, leaders can dive deeper into their team members’ profiles and see more data, generate reports, or contact them through the platform.

  • Explore your employees’ exercise results — Values, Talents, Fit and Agility
  • AI generates coaching questions and conversation starters relative to each individual
  • Access to a wealth of resources, guides, and coaching scenarios
  • Design coaching sessions tailored to each employee and what is most relevant to them
  • Easily send your team reminders to complete tasks within Fuel50
  • Setup coaching appointments and record them easily

See all of your team members within one intuitive dashboard.

View retention risk factors for each employee at a glance.

Analyse their top engagers, and dive deeper into any data points.

Get tailored conversation starters based on their individual data.

Discover and explore career profiles like never before.

Employees and leaders can connect with each other in a whole new way

Leaders and employees alike can search and discover each other’s career profiles within the platform. Each piece of content on your profile is a true representation of who you are, and can be made visible or hidden depending on your privacy settings. Dive deeper into their Values, Talents, Fit and Agility results, and get to know more about what they do and why they do it.

  • Current and previous role history
  • Customizable profile content (i.e. about, what I love, interests and hobbies, etc)
  • Show off your favourite feedback and achievements (see Feedback or Goals)
  • Display results from your exercises (Values, Talents, Fit and Agility)
  • Control who sees your content with easy-to-use privacy settings

What LeaderView™ includes

  • An easy-to-use dashboard tailored for leaders, managers and coaches
  • Low-touch and built on user-driven data
  • Employee-matched coaching conversation starters
  • Guides and resources on coaching best practices
  • Coaching scenarios and more

How LeaderView™ helps

  • Enables and supports leaders to grow and develop
  • With well-quipped leaders comes engaged, happy employees
  • Create a culture of regular career growth conversations
  • Evolve your employer brand to one where your people feel taken care of

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